Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by DeLukica on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:39 am

1.  Don't ask for roles and ranks, you will get them when you earn them

2. Don't make drama about the other guilds in chats. That will be highly appreciated

3. If you have problems with any member, message me or anyother highranks.

4. Members are expected to be online at least everyfive days. If you can't be online for some reason, notify me or someone of the STAFF

5. Multi-guilding is stricly FORBIDDEN

6. Advertising other guilds or server in #chat is stricly FORBIDDEN

7. Sexually explicit images, post or messages are not allowed, in any of your accessible chats. Note: If you want access to NSFW channel send me a direct message,
Note: *NSFW is a channel specifically for all the explicit posts, but REFRAIN from
posting explicit themes, that are way to extreme, or you will result in an immediate ban

8. Keep spam out (Allowed in bot-spam) because its annoying

9. Most imprtantly, we're FRIENDS. If someone needs help help them. they'll do the same for you

10 Dont ask for promotions.

11 Racist comments, words or offending religions are not allowed

12. Adult language in chat is allowed but not excessively

13. Disrespecting a member of staff in any way is forbidden

14 You must speak english in *EVERY* chat.

15 No insulting in any way, form shape

16. Please dont use color text in title when creating a thread.

☆Inappropriate conent does not belong in your name, or your profile picture. Please keep your profile clean.
--Any lewd or offensive names/pictures will be given a warning
--Mods will change nicknames if necessary and as they see fit.

☆Failure to follow these rules after being issued warning and 3 muted will result in ban
☆Use common sense, don't be stupid

☆Rules can be changed if it's needed

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